1.Don’t Try to Match – Because You Won’t

Choosing the right stone and brick for the exterior of your home could be very challenging. There are thousands of different styles and every style of stone and brick have different shapes, colours, tones, materials, etc. No matter how hard you try, you just won’t be able to fully match a stone and brick. Plus, why even bother installing stone at all? Better to fully brick (or stone) the entire exterior so you don’t risk a “close but not close enough” look.


2. Stick with A Solid (Stone) & A Pattern (Brick)

You should only have 2 tones to the exterior of your house – maximum 3 if the third tone is a neutral. One should be a solid – stone would be a good solid for the most part, and a patterned brick. If you have two patterns, it would be too busy and it would be boring if it was all a solid tone.


3. Match The Overall Theme/Style

Rustic? Contemporary? Modern? Industrial? What is the main theme you are going with? Take a look at this Kleinburg project we did a couple years back. They were trying to go with a modern but rustic theme and we mixed a blend of different stones to pair with the overall style.


4. Think About Roofing and Accessories

It’s important to keep your roofing and accessories like window trims, garage doors, front door, etc, when pairing stone and brick for the exterior of your home. The overall theme and style should flow naturally and not be an eye sore.


If you need help with pairing the stone and brick on the exterior of your next project, contact us today to speak with our in house design and sales team!